News about the Board Game Movie

Here you'll find the latest news about what's going on with the project. Going Cardboard was completed in February 2012, and is now available for purchase, or look for a screening near you!

PAX East notes

Pax East was a BLAST, and the screening there was a dream come true. I snuck a little footage of it... MORE

General News

From Star Trek to board games: meet Wil Wheaton, king of the nerds

The actor and TableTop host on geek culture, not being a dick on the internet, and why gaming needs to stop treating women as an anomaly.



Not Just Another Gaming Podcast

"Every gamer should own at least one copy of this documentary."

Caleb learns about the world of board games in Going Cardboard

"You can feel the passion and joy for gaming in every interview."

Geeks Playing Games

"This is a piece about people who love gaming and I found myself laughing and cheering and mourning along with those highlighted. I can't remember a documentary I've enjoyed as much."

Scene Stealers

"The people in Going Cardboard love their hobby, and are just adorably enthusiastic."

Spiegel Online

"Warum Amerikaner deutsche Brettspiele lieben" (Why do Americans love German board games)

Games with Two

"I waited for almost a year for Going Cardboard to come out, and I can tell you that it was well worth the wait."

Lessons in Life: Random Musings of an Educator

"Both my students and I found Going Cardboard to be an interesting and insightful look into the industry."

Casual Scholarship

"For anyone interested in gaming culture, it is worthwhile viewing."

Drive Thru Review

"It really highlights all the best things about the hobby."

I am Shadowlord: A Kickstarter Christmas

"You should offer the DVD as a gift or hold a screening at your house, invite friends over to watch and let them in on what you have been doing all of these years."


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